The Finalê Process

My design process begins with seeking inspiration from various sources, such as pop culture art, other luxury labels, captivating places and things.

Once I have a clear vision of my designs, the next step involves researching the fabrics that best compliments my ideas.

By exploring different types of fabrics and swatching them in various colours I can assess their visual appearance and suitability for the design.

I research and visit a variety of reliable local fabric suppliers and carefully swatch and test fabrics I want to use. A vital part of this process involves conducting shrinkage tests on the fabrics by washing and drying them to determine how they hold up and the extent to how much they shrink.

This information is essential as it enables me to provide accurate data to manufacturers and pattern makers, ensuring that the garments’ sizing remains precise after production.

These are the initial steps in my production process. 

Once the samples are completed we do fittings and adjustments for the final production. After everything is approved, we move on to grading the patterns for the size ranges that we want. We currently stock unisex sizes from XS-4XL.

Certain garments that need printing and embroideries are then sent off to get completed before they return back to the manufacturers to proceed with the bulk production.

After everything is completed then we organise for ecommerce and campaign photoshoots, these are for our websites and adverstisements. 

In my current collection, I take pride in every meticulous detail that goes into my design and production. For instance, I have acquired premium 100% cotton fleece from a reputable local supplier who imports it from Japan.

Additionally, to uphold ethical standards, I use locally-sourced 100% wool for the wadding (in other words) the shoulder and knee detailings.

I have also collaborated with local businesses for our distinctive puff prints and embroidery. This is how we support the community and local businesses while maintaining the highest quality for our products. 

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