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Why Slow Fashion?

I wanted to design a label that doesn’t follow the latest trends but rather create staple pieces that will last consumers a lifetime. Pieces that work great alone or with other existing ones you have in your wardrobe.

On top of that we already have the issue of overproduction in fast fashion as well as textile waste.

By me focusing on slow fashion i’m taking a stand against that and creating smaller quality but very high quality garments that you can constantly wear season after season and year after year and they’re versatile so you’re able to dress up or down with them to serve most of your daily pursuit. 

What makes FINALÊ Ethical?

What makes us ethical is that we source materials from reliable local businesses who imports them from other reputable suppliers around the world.

We always make sure we are not over purchasing but rather just enough for production and room for any error.

We also pay premium prices for our production to be made here in Melbourne, every component that goes into our garment is carefully done by skilled craftsmen and we don’t cut corners when it comes to prices we pay to purchase and make everything.

Our manufacturer has been featured and known as a sustainable and ethical place for production in Australia. 

Why the Price Tag?

Our pricing is justified by our cost of materials and labour. For example, our fleece cotton fabric costs us roughly $52p/m, the cost to make our garment varies depending on the pieces, it can cost us anywhere between $40-over $100 to make.

This is just a little insight into some of the costs that are involved in the making of our garments, not to mention puff printing, embroidery, packaging, labels, photoshoot etc.

It may not have been the best idea to start out this way especially for a small and emerging label, but I really wanted to honour my mission in focusing on slow fashion and ethically made clothes and therefore supporting and collaborating with reliable local businesses made that possible.

It's in the Details

In our debut collection every garment except for the cargos are made from 100% cotton fleece. For the wadding we used 100% wool from regional Victoria in our bomber, crewnecks, hoodies and track pants for the shoulder and kneecap detailings.

Our brand embroidery on the hoodies and crewnecks are done using premium threads sourced from Germany. We also have puff printing on the sleeves for our dragon and wukong, using tone-on-tone colours for that subtle but elevated effect.

The FINALÊ Process

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